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Meeting Sites

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26th -1st Meetings
27th Meeting
ArChEnFrMontreal24-26 March1999
28th Meeting
ArChEnFrMontreal14-16 July1999
29th Meeting
ArChEnFrBeijing24-26 November1999
30th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal29-31 March2000
31st Meeting
ArChEnFrSpGeneva5-7 July2000
32nd Meeting
ArChEnFrSpOuagadougou6-8 December2000
33rd Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal28-30 March2001
34th Meeting
ArEnFrSpCorr.1 in English onlyMontreal18-20 July2001
35th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal5-7 December2001
36th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal20-22 March 2002
37th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal17-19 July2002
38th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpRome20-22 November 2002
39th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal2-4 April2003
40th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal16 -18 July2003
41st Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal17-19 December 2003
42nd Meeting
ChEnFrSpMontreal29 March - 2 April 2004
43rd Meeting
ChEnFrSpGeneva5-9 July2004
44th Meeting
ChEnFrSpPrague29 November - 3 December2004
45th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal4-8 April 2005
46th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal4-8 July2005
47th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal21-25 November2005
48th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal3-7 April 2006
49th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal10-14 July2006
50th Meeting
ArEnFrSpNew Delhi6-10 November2006
51st Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal19-23 March2007
52nd Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal23-27 July2007
53rd Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal26-30 November2007
54th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal7 -11 April 20082008
55th Meeting -
ArChEnFrSpBangkok14 -18 July2008
56th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpDoha8 – 12 November 2008
57th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal30 March – 3 April2009
58th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal6-10 July2009
59th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpPort Ghalib10-14 November 2009
60th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal12-15 April2010
61st Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal5 to 9 July 2010
62nd Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal29 November - 3 December 2010
63rd Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal4-8 April 2011
64th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal25-29 July2011
65th Meeting
ArChEnFrSpBali13-17 November2011
66th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal16-20 April2012
67th meeting
ArChEnFrSpBangkok16-20 July2012
68th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal3-7 December2012
69th Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal15-19 April2013
70th Meeting
ArEnFrSpBangkok1 - 5 July 2013
71st Meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal2-6 December2013
72nd meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal12-16 May2014Ru
73rd meeting
ArChEnFrSpParis9-13 November2014Ru
74th meeting
ArEnFrMontreal18-22 May 2015Ru
75th meeting
ArEnFrMontreal16-20 November2015Ru
76th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal9-13 May2016Ru
77th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal28 November - 2 December2016Ru
78th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal4-7 April2017
79th meeting
ArChEnFrSpBangkok3-7 July2017
80th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal13-17 November2017
81st meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal18-22 June2018
82nd meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal3-7 December2018
83rd meeting
ArChEnFrSpCorr.1Montreal27-31 May2019Corr2
84th meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal16-20 December2019
85th meeting
86th meeting
87th Meeting
88th meeting
89th meeting
Montreal16,18,20 May and 16 to 18 June2022
90th meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal20 to 23 June 2022
91st meeting
ArEnFrSpMontreal5-9 December2022
92nd meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal29 May-2 June2023
93rd meeting
ArChEnFrSpMontreal15-19 December2023