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37th Meeting of the Executive Committee

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37th Meeting of the Executive Committee

37th Meeting of the Executive Committee

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 Agenda of Meeting

1.                  Opening of the meeting.
2.                  Organizational matters:
(a)               Adoption of the agenda;
(b)               Organization of work.
3.                  Secretariat activities.
4.                  Status of contributions and disbursements.
5.                  Report of the Seventeenth Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Monitoring, Evaluation and Finance on:
(a)               Status report on the evaluation of aerosol projects;
(b)               Report on the desk study on halon projects;
(c)               Report on the information collected concerning the status of implementation of MAC projects:  follow-up to Decision 36/3;
(d)               2001 accounts of the Multilateral Fund;
(e)               Completed projects with balances;
(f)                 Project implementation delays;
(g)               Progress reports as at 31 December 2001:
(i)                 Consolidated progress report;
(ii)               Bilateral cooperation;
(iii)             UNDP;
(iv)              UNEP;
(v)                UNIDO;
(vi)              World Bank;
(h)               Evaluation of the implementation of the 2001 business plans;
(i)                 Update report on the status of Article 5 countries in achieving compliance with the initial control measures of the Montreal Protocol;
(j)                  Addenda to 2002 business plans.
6.                  Report of the Twenty-sixth Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Project Review on:
(a)               Issues identified during project review;
(b)               Bilateral cooperation;
(c)               Work programme amendments:
(i)                 UNDP;
(ii)               UNEP;
(iii)             UNIDO;
(iv)              World Bank;
(d)               Investment projects;
(e)               Status report on Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCD) technology and guidelines for LCD projects;
(f)                 Draft guidelines for Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) projects;
(g)               Funding of technology that is not in the public domain:  follow-up to Decision 36/52;
(h)               Report by UNEP on the progress made in the implementation of the Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP);
(i)                 A review of the policy and use of administrative fees at the World Bank (a report from the World Bank).
7.                  Country programmes.
8.                  Selection of options pursuant to Decision 35/57.
9.                  Further actions to implement the Framework for the Strategic Planning of the Multilateral Fund, follow-up to Decision 36/53:
(a)               Guidelines for the preparation, implementation and management of performance‑based substance-wide and national ODS phase-out agreements/plans;
(b)               Business planning:
(i)                 Resource planning;
(ii)               Resource allocation; 
(c)               Work of the Executive Committee.
10.             Refrigerant management plans and terminal phase-out management plans (Decision 36/6).
11.             Production Sector.
12.             Report of the Chairman of the Executive Committee on the implementation of Decision 36/57.
13.             Other matters.
14.             Adoption of the report.
15.             Closure of the meeting.

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