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55th Meeting - 14 -18 July 2008, Bangkok

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55th Meeting - 14 -18 July 2008, Bangkok > English Documents

55th Meeting - 14 -18 July 2008, Bangkok

55th Meeting - 14 -18 July 2008, Bangkok

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 Document UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/48

Executive Committee members who wish to obtain a copy of document UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/49 shoud contact the Fund Secretariat.
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 Document Library

PMS55.pdfSummary of decisions of the 55th Meeting47 KB
55Inf1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/Inf.1List of documents32 KB
55Inf1a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/Inf.1/Add.1List of documents100 KB
5501.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/1Provisional agenda29 KB
5501a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/1/Add.1Annotated provisional agenda129 KB
5501a2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/1/Add.2Annotated provisional agenda42 KB
5502.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/2Secretariat activities2051 KB
5503.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/3Status of contributions and disbursements75 KB
5504.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/4Report on balances and availability of resources133 KB
5505.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/52008 business plans and annual tranche submission delays111 KB
5505a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/5/Add.12008 business plans and annual tranche submission delays47 KB
5506.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/6Status on implementation of delayed projects and prospects of Article 5 countries in achieving compliance with the next control measures of the Montreal Protocol461 KB
5507.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/7Report on standardization of annual work programmes, progress and verification reports of multi-year agreements and on the development of country profiles59 KB
5508.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/8Desk study on the evaluation of terminal phase-out management plans (TPMPs)197 KB
5509.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/9Consolidated progress report as at 31 December 2007166 KB
5509-Database.xlsUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/9 - DatabaseConsolidated progress report as at 31 December 2007 - Database3900 KB
5510.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/10Progress report of bilateral cooperation as at 31 December 2007137 KB
5511.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/11Progress report of UNDP as at 31 December 2007764 KB
5512.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/12Progress report of UNEP as at 31 December 2007623 KB
5513.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/13Progress report of UNIDO as at 31 December 2007413 KB
5514.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/14Progress report of the World Bank as at 31 December 2007351 KB
5514c1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/14/Corr.1Progress report of the World Bank as at 31 December 200729 KB
5515.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/15Evaluation of the implementation of the 2007 business plans71 KB
5516.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/16Report on implementation of approved projects with specific reporting requirements47 KB
5517.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/17Overview of issues identified during project review117 KB
5518.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/18Bilateral cooperation58 KB
5518a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/18/Add.1Bilateral cooperation39 KB
5518a2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/18/Add.2Bilateral cooperation125 KB
5518a3.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/18/Add.3Bilateral cooperation130 KB
5519.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/19Amendments to the UNDP work programme for 2008193 KB
5519a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/19/Add.1Amendments to the UNDP work programme for 2008144 KB
5519a2r1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/19/Add.2/Rev.1Amendments to the UNDP work programme for 2008135 KB
5520.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/20Amendments to the UNEP work programme for 2008356 KB
5520a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/20/Add.1Amendments to the UNEP work programme for 2008147 KB
5520a2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/20/Add.2Amendments to the UNEP work programme for 2008139 KB
5521.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/21Amendments to the UNIDO work programme for 2008595 KB
5521a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/21/Add.1Amendments to the UNIDO work programme for 2008149 KB
5521a2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/21/Add.2Amendments to the UNIDO work programme for 2008137 KB
5522.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/22Amendments to the World Bank work programme for 2008109 KB
5522a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/22/Add.1Amendments to the World Bank work programme for 200840 KB
5522a2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/22/Add.2Amendments to the World Bank work programme for 200837 KB
5523.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/23Project proposal: Benin78 KB
5524.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/24Project proposal: Burundi89 KB
5525.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/25Project proposal: Central AFrican Republic96 KB
5526.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/26Project proposal: Chile75 KB
5527.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/27Project proposal: China672 KB
5528.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/28Project proposal: Costa Rica53 KB
5529.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/29Project proposal: Democratic People's Republic of Korea57 KB
5530.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/30Project proposal:  Grenada54 KB
5531.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/31Project proposal:  Guinea79 KB
5532.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/32Project proposal:  Honduras89 KB
5533.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/33Project proposals: India91 KB
5534.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/34Project proposal: Kyrgyzstan51 KB
5535.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/35Project proposal:  Lebanon54 KB
5536.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/36Project proposal: Malaysia50 KB
5537.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/37Project proposal: Nepal48 KB
5538.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/38Project proposal: Peru54 KB
5538a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/38/Add.1Addendum. Project proposal: Peru84 KB
5539.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/39Project proposal: Seychelles48 KB
5540.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/40Project proposal: Thailand54 KB
5541.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/41Project proposal: Uganda80 KB
5542.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/42Project proposal: Viet Nam52 KB
5543.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/43Project proposal: Yemen45 KB
5543a1.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/43/Add.1Project proposal: Yemen93 KB
5544.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/44Country programme update:  Islamic Republic of Iran33 KB
5545.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/45Further elaboration and analysis of issues pertaining to the phase-out of the HCFC production sector (decision 53/37(g))94 KB
5547.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/47Revised analysis of relevant cost considerations surrounding the financing of HCFC phase-out (decisions 53/37(i) and 54/40)2531 KB
5547withoutannexes.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/47Revised analysis of relevant cost considerations surrounding the financing of HCFC phase-out (decisions 53/37(i) and 54/40) - WITHOUT ANNEXES - LIGHT FILE SIZE156 KB
5548.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/48Assessment of the administrative costs required for the 2009-2011 triennium (follow-up to decisions 50/27, 51/38 and 54/42)573 KB
5550.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/50CTC use as feedstock and process agents, and the co production of CTC in Article 5 countries (decisions 51/36 and 52/44)182 KB
5551.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/51Reconciliation of 2006 accounts (follow-up to decision 54/41(b))30 KB
5552.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/522007 provisional financial statements78 KB
5553_c1,2.pdfUNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/55/53 & Corrs. 1,2Report of the 55th Meeting of the Executive Committee893 KB