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89th meeting of the Executive Committee

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Arabic Draft Report
French Draft Report
Spanish Draft Report
Agenda item 2(a): Adoption of the agenda
Chinese draft report
Agenda item 3: Secretariat activities
Agenda item 4: Overview of current monitoring, reporting, verification and enforceable licensing and quota systems developed with support from the Multilateral Fund (decision 84/85)
Agenda item 5: Review of institutional strengthening projects including funding levels (decision 74/51(d))
Agenda item 6: Update on the analysis of the implications of parallel or integrated implementation of HCFC phase-out and HFC phase-down activities (decision 84/86(b)(i))
Agenda item 7(a): Development of the cost guidelines for the phase-down of HFCs in Article 5 countries: Draft criteria for funding (decision 84/87)
Agenda item 7(b): Potential strategies, policy measures and commitments, as well as projects and activities that could be integrated within stage I of HFC phase down plans for Article 5 countries (decision 88/75)
Agenda item 7(c): Analysis of the level and modalities of funding for HFC phase-down in the refrigeration servicing sector (decision 88/76)
Agenda item 7(d): Synthesis report describing best practices and ways for the Executive Committee to consider operationalizing paragraph 24 of decision XXVIII/2 (decision 84/87(b))
Agenda item 7(e): Analysis of and information on the incremental capital costs and incremental operating costs and their duration, and the cost-effectiveness of all approved investment projects in the relevant manufacturing sectors and sub-sectors (decisi
Agenda item 7(f): Energy efficiency
Agenda item 7(g): Key aspects related to HFC-23 by-product control technologies
Report of the eighty-ninth meeting of the Executive Committee
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