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43rd Meeting - Geneva, 5-9 July 2004

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43rd Meeting - Geneva, 5-9 July 2004 > Decisions > 43/31  

Decisions: 43/31



Decision title

Nigeria:  Terminal ODS phase-out umbrella project in the solvent sector ( 

Decision details

The Executive Committee decided:
(a) To approve in principle the terminal ODS phase-out umbrella project in the solvent sector for Nigeria at a total level of funding of US $1,575,200 plus support costs of US $118,140.  This is the total funding that would be available to the Government of Nigeria from the Multilateral Fund for the complete phase out of consumption of CTC and TCA; 
(b) Also to approve funding of US $530,000 plus agency support costs for UNIDO of US $39,750 for the first tranche in 2004;
(c) That the remainder of the funding, as indicated in the table below, would be requested at the last Meeting of the Executive Committee in the relevant years:
see table in UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/43/61
(d) To establish the conditions indicated below:
(i) The Government of Nigeria agrees that no additional resources will be requested from the Multilateral Fund or bilateral agencies for activities related to the phase out of these substances; 
(ii) The Government of Nigeria commits itself to the phased reduction and complete phase-out of consumption of CTC and TCA in Nigeria, according to the following schedule which is, at a minimum, consistent with the Montreal Protocol’s control measures for CTC and TCA:
see table in UNEP/OzL.Pro/ExCom/43/61
(iii) The Executive Committee agrees to provide Nigeria with flexibility in using the agreed funds consistent with operational procedures as agreed between the Government of Nigeria and UNIDO;
(iv) The Government of Nigeria agrees to ensure accurate monitoring of the phase out and to provide regular reports, as required by its obligations under Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol, by 30 September each year; and
(v) UNIDO will be responsible for reporting annually on the implementation of activities funded under the project and for providing verification to the Executive Committee annually that the CTC and TCA consumption limits in the project have been achieved according to the above schedule. 

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