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43rd Meeting - Geneva, 5-9 July 2004

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43rd Meeting - Geneva, 5-9 July 2004 > Decisions > 43/26  

Decisions: 43/26



Decision title

Phase-out of methyl bromide in Costa Rica 

Decision details

The Executive Committee decided to approve the project for phase-out of methyl bromide used as a fumigant for melons, cut flowers, bananas, tobacco seedbeds and nurseries, excluding QPS applications (second and third tranches) in Costa Rica, at the level of funding of US $1,938,114, plus support costs of US $145,359 for UNDP, with the understanding that the Government of Costa Rica, in accepting the second and third tranches of project funding, would reduce its national aggregate consumption to 296.1 ODP tonnes by the end of 2005.  In so doing, the Government agreed that Costa Rica would not return to the Executive Committee with a possible request for re-evaluation under decision Ex.I/2 of the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Parties, if at all, unless 130.8 ODP tonnes had been phased out by the end of 2005.

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